How did I get into preforming weddings?

I started doing marriages and marriage preparation by just being who I am with some of my closest friends. I saw the need to help them start on the right foundation. I longed to see them have successful and happy marriages that would last.  I experienced joy in seeing my friends choosing to build a wonderful life together and running the distance, growing old together. It has become a compelling passion for me to want to help others on their journey of love and commitment.

Personally I too, longed to experience love and eventually found the woman of my dreams and got married at 36 years of age. I was determined to marry the right girl and learned many hard lessons as I waited and prepared. To me, my heart was very tender and I had a difficult time imagining the pain and struggle of having a marriage end in ruin. At times fear paralyzed me and prevented me from making courageous decisions. I am thankful for what I have learned on the way and am very thankful where I am at today. I have now been married for 10 years and am the father of two.

I strongly believe that a lasting marriage is a direct result of investing your time in building strong foundations for life. My formal training is in business, an ordained minister, a coach and as a child and youth care worker. My strengths are in mentoring and helping people move ahead. I believe love is the strongest force in the universe and one of the most fulfilling things we can experience. Why not take the time to deepen your understanding and heart for one another, nurturing your love so that it can develop to its fullness?

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